Welcome to my weekly post of music archives! I will be posting 2 new tracks every Friday for your preview (30 seconds) / the ability to download the entire song. These tracks date back from as early as 1987 to early 2000 and are VERY rough sounding, so please go easy. :) They will vary anywhere from short ideas to experimental pieces to working with other musicians over the course of time. If you would like to leave any comments / suggestsions (Positive / constructive / whatever is on your mind) it would be much appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

Posted: 04/21/2015

Primary Target: The Churchyard Studio Sessions

Here is another release from my very first music project by the name of Primary Target. These tracks are from my personal archives and hope that you will enjoy listening to them. All of these songs were transferred from cassette and were recorded sometime around 1990 at the Churchyard Studios. A big thank you to Gary Dassing for showing me the way with music and for being involved during those times. Give them a listen and feel free to leave feedback (positive / negative, just so long as it's constructive).

Primary Target: The Churchyard Studio Sessions -- Click Here to Download

Posted: 04/11/2015

Trial By Fire: The Execution of Witches (Part 1)

Trial By Fire was conceived in the early 90s and consists of band members Jaime Chavez  (The Angel Klee, Circus Diary) and James Mendez (Jihad). Working outside of their main projects, Jaime and James come together and write freely, not pertaining to any particular style in general.

All material was originally recorded between 1991 - 1993. Unfortunately, these songs never saw the light of day and were only distributed locally at a few record shops in town. Enjoy listening to these tracks and please let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your feedback.

Trial By Fire: The Execution of Witches (Part 1) -- Click Here to Download

Posted: 08/13/2013

Primary Target: Chant Among Us

Primary Target is a compilation of 6 tracks that I released on cassette sometime in 1991. The tracks vary in style from more mellow upbeat type material to a little darker shade of grey. I stumbled across this while going through more archived music from the vault. :) Keep checking back as I continue to post more updates soon. Thanks for stopping by and spending time on this site. It is much appreciated. Feedback is always welcomed!

Primary Target: Chant Among Us -- Click Here to Download

Posted: 07/22/2013

Fixation: A Compilation of Petty Envies

Fixation is a compilation of local electronic artists in San Antonio, Texas that was constructed back in the summer of 1990 by Gary Dassing of Mentallo & the Fixer. Gary had conceived the idea of putting out a cassette demo of local artists where he had a big part in the entire project. His responsibilities included composing / co-composing, arrangements, creative input, mixing, working with all bands allowing them to record in The Church Yard Studios which is were the early Benestrophe tapes were recorded in the mid to late 80s. I remember Gary telling me about how he and Brian (Damian Kross / Blade) put together the artwork for the cassette cover. I was thoroughly impressed and had no idea that they both dug up random pieces of cut up papers out of the trash at a local Kinkos. :D Artists on the compilations include Benestrophe (Gary and Dwayne Dassing), Hister (Kimmy Gorden), Damian Kross (The departed, Brian Fleagle), Primary Target ( James Mendez), Magellan (Gary Dassing), and The Voice of Angels (Gary, Brian, James). This is the first time in 23 years that this project has seen the light of day. It has never been posted / released until now (From my archive of goodies). Enjoy!

Fixation: A Compilation of Petty Envies -- Click Here to Download
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